CVS Grant Awarded

CVS Grant Awarded

Young children with mild to severe motor impairments are often in need of assistive technology to alleviate the effects of their disability. The CCATC has been a partner on many projects over the past decade with organizations serving children with disabilities and their families. Over the past two years the CCATC has become one of 13 designated California Assistive Technology Exchange (CATE) centers in the State. Through funding from this statewide program the CCATC has amassed a significant lending library and demonstration center full of varied assistive technology for children and their families. The goal of the lending library is to make certain via the loan that the assistive technology is useful and appropriate. When this determination is made then the search for funding for the device can commence.

It has been shown at CCATC that Assistive Technology loan programs significantly increase the success of Assistive technology while dramatically reducing device abandonment. With additional funding from CVS Caremark the CCATC would like to focus the benefits of the loan program by promoting this resource specifically to targeted local organizations. Organization such as California Children’s Services (CCS), Parents Helping Parents, Jack’s Helping Hand and the Tri-Counties Regional Center are currently serving children with disabilities and will receive presentations about the free AT loan program. The CCATC will implement a promotional campaign designed to encourage the above-mentioned organizations to benefit from the existing assistive technology loan program.

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